Physiotherapy is a free clinical technique. Physiotherapy is given to patients with constant illnesses, for example, rheumatic agony and loss of motion that can’t be restored with drug.

Who is given physiotherapy?

  • Patients with stroke

  • injury

  • bone

  • issues

  • muscle

  • cramps,

  • innate issues in kids. for example:

  • appendages,

  • neck deadness,

  • loss of motion,

  • windedness,

  • pneumonia,

  • ICU-patients,

  • oxygen-getting patients.

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Why is it given?

Physiotherapy is given to those patients who are probably going to be deadened because of complexities of the sensory system because of stroke or injury. In the event that they have muscle and bone issues, in the event that they have undeniable irritation, midriff and spine, on the off chance that they have inborn loss of motion or cerebral paralysis and spinal issues, they must be given physiotherapy. This treatment is additionally given to address the neck.



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