The Education Minister of the Government of Bangladesh has announced a new decision on the HSC examination of 2020 to save it from the horrors of Kovid-19.

We have 11 education boards, nine general education boards, one madrasa and one technical education board. In all, the number of our HSC candidates this time is 13 lakh 75 thousand 69 people. Of these, 10 lakh 79 thousand 181 are regular candidates and 2 lakh 8 thousand 501 are irregular candidates.

There is no guarantee that the Covid-19 situation will return to normal. It is also very difficult to plan how to take the test in such a risky situation.

HSC examination is taken in 13 papers of 6 subjects in total. 2 letters in 6 subjects and 1 letter in information and communication system.

All students need 2 + 2 = 4 letters in Bengali and English and 1 letter in information and communication system. The remaining 40 subjects are in the humanities, business education and science departments. As a result, it takes at least 30/40 working days to take the test.

Preparations were made to take the test this year in 2,569 test centers. It was planned to arrange seats for two candidates on one bench in the examination center. But in the case of Kovid-19, it becomes risky to take two tests in one bench. In that case, if you take 1 test in each bench, you need almost double test center which is becoming very difficult.

According to the examinee, the amount of question paper was ready. In this case, it is not possible to take them out of the packet and arrange them in a new dimension. Considering the overall subject matter, the current candidates will be given HSC results as the average of SSC and JSC results.


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